Payroll Bureau

KLM operate a very cost efficient payroll bureau via KLM Payroll Services Limited to take the worry out of PAYE . Our highly trained staff will help with tax and compliance issues and provide you with timely payslips and tax payment reminders to help this side of your business run with the minimum of fuss .

Phone now for an indicative quote which will include all stationery and postage costs ; i.e. payslips ; P60s ; P11 forms ; etc. on 0121 359 3910 and speak to our payroll staff.

REAL TIME PAYROLL is here which means no more P46 forms to cover casual staff payments if you have any staff for which PAYE has to be operated . All staff must go on a payroll system and wages submitted electronically to HMRC on each pay cycle so that they know at any given time what taxpayers are earning. Scary ? Yes . Reality … you can no longer employ staff casually unless you ONLY employ casuals whom have all signed an appropriate P46 and their main job is with you so that you can assume use of their tax free allowance.

RTI update – new fines of £100 per pay cycle are coming into force soon which puts even more emphasis on using a professional service. For example , if you do weekly payroll and forget to submit information for 6 weeks then a fine of £600 will be levied ! Late payment penalties are also coming in – pay on time !