CIS Accounting


KLM Associates have specialised in the construction industry for over 20 years and can provide subcontractors with a competitively priced annual accounts , Tax Return and refund service with a very quick turnaround subject to any issues the taxpayer may have with HMRC .


CIS or to give it the full name ; CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SCHEME , is a complex area with substantial fines for non-compliance with the rules and regulations ; see the HMRC CIS penalty page

Contractors are not even supposed to pay a subcontractor until they have been properly pre-verified by HMRC ; it is not just a case of stopping 20% tax .

KLM use HMRC approved software to ensure full compliance with the CIS rules on paying subcontractors which also enables on-line verification of subcontractors and the filing of the monthly returns. Our system provides CIS tax deduction certificates for sub-contractors and we undertake end of year reconciliation and submission of repayment claims as appropriate . All at a very competitive all inclusive monthly price .