Limited Company Setup & Secretarial

We can form limited companies via our on-line agent within 1-3 working days to include the provision of a company certificate and memorandum articles ; needed to open a business bank account .

We offer an ongoing service to deal with Annual Return submissions , changes in registered office address , changes in directors or their details , etc. for nominal fees.

KLM Associates maintains an account with Companies House in order to transact business on-line and pay any fees due on account .

This service is provided to our existing and new limited company clients to ensure compliance and avoid the potential for fines for late submissions.

Why incorporate ? The main reasons against being sole trade can be summarised as follows :

Limited liability – you are not personally liable to the business creditors.

Salary – you can pay yourself a PAYE salary in order that you pay full class 1 NI contributions for your state pension record and benefits.

Higher rate taxes – as a sole trader you pay tax on your profits and if these exceed the basic rate tax band then you will get caught in higher rate taxes . A corporate situation allows you to control the amount of personal taxable income you take and a company can currently make unlimited profits and pay only 19% tax which is falling to 17% from 2020/21